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DataSpace Academy Helping Successful Transition to Cybersecurity

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Monika Desai
Monika Desai
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Amidst the contemporary gloomy layoff season, cybersecurity is drawing up a silver lining for IT professionals. With cyber-attacks on the rise and the world getting increasingly concerned about cybersecurity, multiple promising job opportunities have opened up in the cybersecurity domain.

In fact, cybersecurity is one industry that has grown by leaps and bounds despite huge layoffs around. Simultaneously, the cybersecurity sector is also facing a severe talent crunch. In India alone, close to 25,000 cyber security-based roles remain vacant.

Organisations are looking for talents who can protect their data, computer systems, and network from cybercriminals. And they are willing to pay lucrative salaries to the right person.

In light of the issues mentioned above, leading cyber security training institute Dataspace Academy is extending job-ready, beginner-friendly cybersecurity training programs that are helping professionals from other backgrounds to seamlessly transition to cybersecurity.

The courses carry hands-on training to make the trainees more proficient in real-world cyber crime scenarios.

Rising Layoffs In-Tech Industry

The tech industry is rounding off another season of layoffs with tens of thousands of workers losing their jobs in the 1st quarter of 2023. Some of the biggest tech giants such as Google, Amazon, and Microsoft, are laying off their employees owing to the possible economic recession.

High Potential in Cybersecurity Domain

However, regarding cybersecurity, market experts have mostly predicted exponential growth and the scope of more jobs even in the possible incoming economic turmoil. Data shows close to a 60-80% increase in hiring for cyber security roles.

Why the World Is Rooting For Cyber Security?

India alone witnesses 2,000+ cyber attacks every day. IT security is a rising concern for most organisations now more than ever; companies are increasingly looking for cyber security professionals for safeguarding their networks, apps, and data.

Currently, the demand for ethical hackers, pen-testers, application security engineers, and network security engineers is tremendously high. These roles are offered salaries at a 15-25% higher rate in comparison to the majority of other professions.

Why can Techies Transition to Cybersecurity?

Professionals from an IT or tech background carry extensive experience in computer programming, database management, system configuration and administration, and networking.

These skills are highly essential in the domain of cybersecurity as well. Extensive experience in these skills help IT professionals to monitor, test and analyse potential security breaches and create necessary security plans to ward off cyber threats.

Other professionals who can transition to cybersecurity

Transition to cybersecurity is not limited to the tech domain only. Professionals from other backgrounds too can transition to the booming cybersecurity sector, such as law enforcement, education, Human Resource, Journalism, and more.

Transitioning to Cybersecurity: The Road Map

Here is a roadmap for professionals from other backgrounds aspiring to switch to cybersecurity for better job opportunities:

  1. Get Fundamental Training and Certification: Cybersecurity courses are available for various learner levels. Aspiring cybersecurity professionals will have to start with beginner courses that cover the fundamentals of cybersecurity including threat modelling and defense mechanisms. Certifications like Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH v12), CompTIA Security+, or Certification In Ethical Hacking are some of the popular cybersecurity courses that are trusted and vetted by industry leaders.
  2. Focus on specialization: Once done with fundamentals, the learner can move to specialized courses focusing on incident response, penetration testing, or risk management.
  3. Hands-on experience: Along with classroom education, learners will have to attain hands-on ethical hacking or penetration testing skills through working in real-life scenarios. They can sign up for internships in cybersecurity services and also ethical hacking challenges like bug bounty and CTF for practical skill building.

Dataspace Academy Helping with easy transition Into Cybersecurity

Dataspace Academy is extending multi-level job-ready cybersecurity courses (foundational to advance) suitable for anyone aspiring to build a career in or transition to cyber security. Designed by industry experts, these training programs provide both classroom training and  hands-on exposure to real-life capstone projects that help the learners to stand out in the competition. At the end of the course, students receive industry-recognised certificates, internship opportunities, and also dedicated placement assistance.

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