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How to Pay Bills When You Have Low Income

How to Pay Bills When You Have Low Income

Bills are great when you earn great. They are a headache when you earn little. Although you might want to argue with me over this, don’t you think I am saying something right? As a matter of fact, paying bills is the first thing we worry about when the week or the month starts, is it not?

Dear reader, when you have a low income, you don’t have many excuses for not paying bills. And you really cannot miss paying them because the services do not work that way. In that case, our escape route would be to minimise our bills. At least, it will help in paying them off effectively.

The UK Energy Bills May Not Bring a Smile to Your Face

You very well know that the costs of energy have risen…to a whopping 66.7%! Want to know more? Gas costs have got a boost of a terrifying 129.4% (you read it right). You can afford to pay bills. But that’s going to be painful if your earning is low at the moment.

Do we have strategic ways to find a solution? Let me tell you something. We cannot eradicate the issue, can we? Can you just say ‘no’ to your provider instantly? You can minimise. You can rethink where you don’t need usage. But you cannot just say ‘no’.

Go through the following points to help yourself more with paying bills effectively under a poor income:

Save Where You Can

When you know you can save money, then just go ahead and save it. You can make some small changes (call them alterations). Find out where you are spending money that you should not spend.

A good idea to do this is to evaluate your uses yourself. Sit down and take notes on where money gets ‘wasted’ rather than ‘used’. Make those changes.

  • Alternate Your Energy Usage by Making Energy-Efficient Choices
  • Find an energy-efficient solution. If you track, you can do nothing about controlling the expenses. I mean, if you have vital needs, then how will you just control them? It’s okay. What you can do is make a smart and cost-effective choice about them.
  • Use energy-efficient lighting such as LEDs to cut down costs to a significant level (trust me, it works)
  • Improve the quality of insulation in your home
  • Use techniques such as closing the curtains and more to trap more heat (or cold in times of summer) in the room
  • Switch off the fans and lights when you go out
  • Turn the HVAC unit off and use it only when it is necessary

You just follow these easy tricks. Come up with something on your own. As a result, you can magically save money.

Do Something about Your Income

Well, I am not forcing you just to jump on immediately. However, you can stop frowning at your low income by simply increasing it. Let’s use these ways:

  • Let’s earn part-time or freelance, shall we? There are umpteenth numbers of websites out there offering you these sorts of work. You can find solace in contractual work too.
  • Prepared well for a business? Why are you wasting time? Give a boost to your earnings by simply establishing your brand new brand (yes, I wrote it on purpose).
  • Sell items in your home that you don’t really use or care to use. They don’t cultivate any value in your life, do they? Instead, tell them goodbye for some quid. This money can help you with paying bills.

If you have lost your job, then manage your bulls first. No money in the bank? You may choose loans for the unemployed. A direct lender organisation can help you better.

You can ‘buy time’ to pay your bills with the loan as you earn the advantage of repaying your lender with the income of your next job. Or you can use your side hustles (like part-time work) to repay the money.

Check If You Can Get Energy-Efficiency Grants

The UK has this type of grant for people who are suffering from low income. The thing is, you have to be vocal. You can search for this grant with your local municipality or authority.

There are websites where you can check the eligibility for these grants. Search phone numbers or contact details of officials from these sites. Get in touch with them online to find your answers.

Use Free-Services to Maximise Income and Minimise Bills

Look, if you are unemployed, you might get a good number of free services without a doubt. However, with low income, free services will be harder to find. However, there is hope.

  • You can visit the Food Banks in the UK for free meals.
  • Apart from that, you can go to local non-profit organisations for buying medicine at low costs.
  • Using the best Customer Loyalty Programs can help you grab free goodies.
  • Plus, use free services for entertainment. You can stream your movie or web show from a service that offers it for free. Go to a free Wi-Fi spot for extensive data usage.

It will help you end up with spared money. Use them wisely to pay bills. And, of course, keep track of this usage with care.

Don’t Let the Poor Credit Score Fool You

You don’t really want that low credit score to stay. It will cost you unreasonable penalties (I mean, they are kind of reasonable because of the problem).

If you cannot solve your credit score issues with the saved money, choose an alternative. Online instalment loans for bad credit can help. Use the money from the loan to pay off pending credit card bills.

Congratulations! You have got a boost to your credit score. Then pay it back to your lender in time. With that, you will get even more boost.

To Conclude

I know that you are suffering from low income. You may go through problems I never experienced or have known. I completely understand that. And I respect that too.

But if you just stay calm and don’t lose heart, then you can fight this. As a bonus, you will be an experienced finance manager in the departments of everything.



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